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कर्नाटक राज्य में जुड़वां बहनों ने 10वीं और इंटरमीडिएट की परीक्षा में समान अंक हासिल किए: Twin sisters got equal marks in 10th and Inter exams

Hassan, karnataka state, April 12, Jankranti News, : Twin sisters Chukki Chandra K.V. and Ibbani Chandra K.V. from Hassan, Karnataka. may have been born just two minutes apart, but both of these twin sisters have scored equal marks (571/600) in PUC (Class 12) annual exams. Also, it is noteworthy that both of them got equal marks (620/625) in the previous tenth class annual exams. Both the twins expressed happiness over the latest results. “It was pure coincidence. We don’t even know how we both got equal marks,” said Chukki, who is older by two minutes. “Both of us expected 97 percent plus marks, but we got a little less than what we got. But the most exciting thing is that both of us got the same percentage marks, says Chukki Chandra KV happily.

We don’t know how both got the same marks, said the twin sisters. They said that they are currently preparing for the NEET exam. Chukki’s younger sister Ibbani said that they never competed with each other

The twins scored equal marks (571/600) in science subject PUC at NDRK PU College, Hassan. The twin sisters told the media that they have a lot of interest in medicine or engineering, adding that we have not decided anything yet and are focusing our energies on getting good marks in NEET.

Chukki and Ibbani said that they are now preparing for NEET exam. The twin sisters want to choose medicine or engineering to pursue their education, . And both have the same ambition. The sisters also sharing common interests in music, dance and sports.

Vinod Chandra KV the father of twin sisters, expressed happiness that both his daughters got equal marks (coincidence) in 10th class and PUC. But he told the media that he is very proud of his daughters getting equal marks in 10th class and PUC (12th class). Even though the final score of his daughters is equal, their marks in different subjects are different, said Vinod Chandra KV father of the twin sisters.

—- M Venkata T Reddy, News Editor, MP Jankranti News,

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