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ASSAM: Rongali Bihu celebration starts in Assam with the celebration of ‘Goru Bihu’ today.

JANKRANTI NEWS (ASSAM) : The celebration of the week-long Rongali Bihu began across Assam on Saturday, April 13th today with Goru Bihu, which is a day dedicated to honouring the livestocks.

This tradition is mainly observed in the rural residents of Assam. The ‘Goru Bihu’ marks as the first day of the seven-day-long Bohag Bihu or the Rongali Bihu which falls on the last day of the month of Chot, which is considered the final month on the Assamese calendar, before the commencement of Bohag, the first month according to the Assamese calendar.

On the day of the ‘Goru Bihu’, the livestocks particularly the cattle are treated with traditional rituals. The owners take their cattle to the nearby rivers or ponds for a bath and apply a paste of black lentils and fresh turmeric. Leaves of dighalati (litsea salicifolia) and makhioti (flemingia strobilifera) are slapped on the cattle’s skin, which is believed to prevent infections and repel flies. The cattle are also fed with a mix of local vegetables like the bottle gourd and the eggplant to promote their health.

At last the old tethering ropes are replaced with the new ones on this day of ‘Goru Bihu’. The day after the ‘Goru Bihu’ signifies the start of the new year on the Assamese calendar which is also known as ‘Manuh Bihu’.

Tomorrow on Sunday, 14th April (1st day of Bohag) will mark the beginning of the Assamese New Year.

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