Central Government Plans ‘APAAR’ ID Card As “One Nation, One ID” For All School Students

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“”” Central Government Plans ‘APAAR’ ID Card As “One Nation, One ID” For All School Students, :   One Nation-One ID’ card for students similar to Aadhaar card, “”””


  New delhi, October 17, Jankranti News, : —- Aadhaar is compulsory for everyone in the country.  Governments have made Aadhaar compulsory in government schemes and other works.  Recently, the central government is doing another exercise.  The Center is making efforts to give a unique identity card to every student in the country similar to Aadhaar.  The Union Education Department is planning to bring ‘One Nation-One ID’.  In this context, this identity card number given to all government and private school students in the country is called Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry (APAAR).  The Union Education Department has recently ordered all the states and UTs to start the process of issuing “APAAR”ID cards.
“APAAR ID Card” will be given to students of all government and private schools in the country.  This APAAR ID Card number is considered as the lifetime ID of the student.  Relevant sources say that the student’s academic standard, educational journey and achievements are recorded and can be tracked at the time of need.  However, the central government has asked all the schools to talk to the parents regarding the about new APAAR Id card to the students, explain the importance of this APAAR ID and take parental consent.  The central government has suggested to hold meetings with parents and teachers between October 17-19.  However, the Central Education Department has also revealed that the parents who have said OK to this APAAR ID can withdraw it anytime later.  The Central Education Department says that there is no need for suspicions regarding the data related to students.. It will be confidential.  It says it will only share with government agencies.  AICTE Chairman TG Seethiraman responded on the ‘One Nation-One ID’ scheme.  APAAR ID will work like a “QR code” for students across the country, he said.  He said that every skill related to the students.. the success achieved will be in this APAAR (APAAR) ID.
 —– M Venkata T Reddy, News Editor, MP Jankranti News,
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