Distribution of blankets and sweets to the children of the orphanage by the seventh grade students of Dev International School.

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JAJPUR;28/11(Bureau): A program of distribution of blankets and sweets to the orphan children of Annapurna kanyaashram  has been organized by the students of 7th class of Dev International School situated in Kusunpur, Jajpurroad .  Administrative Officer Nirmal Kumar Rana suggested for this service work while Academic Coordinator Sonia Bedi and CCA Coordinator Balbir Singh encouraged the success of the program.The students studying in class 7 tried to put a smile on the face of the orphan child. They gave many gifts to the orphan child including biscuits, chocolates, dresses, copies, pens. The orphan child’s face was filled with happiness. Seeing some of the children, the students were in a happy mood. The school children expressed their happiness through beautiful songs. On seeing some of the children, the children cheered themselves as happy as if they had found their relatives. This full-fledged women’s labor has served the children for a long time. Along with welcoming such a service-oriented program in the school, Manager Pankajni Sahu and Savitri Sahu thanked everyone. While working with the child, he provided happiness and joy to the helpless child. School teachers Pushpa Madam, Tripti Roy, Pramila Behura, teachers Deepak Ranjan panigrahi, KaliCharan Baske, Sapan Banerjee fully cooperated in making the program successful. School President Buddhadev Rout welcomed such a service-oriented program and wished a bright future for all the children of the orphanage.
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