Global Hunger Index – 2023: India is ranked 111th in the Global Hunger Index — this is a flawed index — Central Govt.

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 New Delhi, October 13, Jankranti News, : — India ranks 111 out of 125 countries in the Global Hunger Index report released by two European agencies on October 12, 2023.  India ranks 111th in World Hunger Index-2023.  The Global Hunger Index, released by non-governmental organizations of ‘Concern Worldwide,’ Ireland and ‘Welt Hunger Hilf’to Germany, places India even lower than its neighbor Pakistan.  The central government dismissed it as a flawed Hunger index.  The central government has criticized that this is a wrong ranking and this is a flawed Hunger index. Pakistan (102), which is in a crisis of all kinds of poverty and famine, Sri Lanka (60) which is also in crisis, Bangladesh (81), Nepal (  61) Surprised to be ranked so much better than us.
The Global Hunger Index report states that India’s hunger situation is alarming with a score of 28.7.  With a score of 27, South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa topped the hunger index.  Malnutrition among children in India is severe at 18.7%.  The mortality rate among children under five years is 3.1 percent, and the number of anemic women under the age of 15-24 is 58.1 percent, the World Hunger index said.
 World hunger index survey states that climate changes, unrest, wars, Russia-Ukraine war in the world are obstacles in facing the problem of hunger.  The central government has been furious over the Global Hunger Index survey saying that this is all fiction.  This is the Global hunger index created by following wrong methods.  Determining malnutrition rates based on an opinion poll of just 3,000 people is unforgivable.  Out of this, malnutrition among children is actually only 7.2 per cent which has been painted as 18.7 per cent.  The central government has criticized that it is becoming clear that there are malicious intentions behind the Global Hunger index.
 —— M Venkata T Reddy, News Editor, MP Jankranti News,
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