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JANKRANTI NEWS (DIBRUGARH) : Angkita Hazarika, a research scholar of Dibrugarh University at the Centre for Atmospheric Studies has been honoured with the prestigious Outstanding Paper Award for Young Scientists by the committee on Space Research (COSPAR) which is a globally recognized scientific organization specializing in the space research.

COSPAR has bestowed this prestigious award to Angkita Hazarika for her groundbreaking publication titled “Performance Evaluation of IRI, IRI Plas and SAMI2 during the consecutive prolonged solar minimum of cycles 23 and 24 around 100oE” which is featured in the Journal Advances in Space Research.

Angkita Hazarika’s research endeavors were conducted under the joint supervision of Prof Kalyan Bhuyan and Dr Arup Borgohain of Dibrugarh University.

The prestigious recognition awarded to Angkita Hazarika underscores the excellent academic standard and commitment to excellence prevalent at Dibrugarh University. The achievement serve as a testament to the University’s dedication for fostering innovative research and nurturing the next generation scientific leaders.

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