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Online education platform for poor students in India coming soon, -Eminent Mathematician Anand Kumar,

Washington, April 15, Jankranti News, : Founder of ‘Super 30’, eminent mathematician Anand Kumar has announced that he will soon start a new ‘online education platform’ to bring education to underprivileged students in India. Anand Kumar said that the time has come to make education accessible to more students using the technology available today. Speaking at an event held in Washington, he said that ‘Super 30’ has raised the aspirations of the poor to change their lives. Kumar was speaking at the 2024 Kellogg India Business Conference organized by the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University on the topic “Reimagining India: Shaping the Global Economic Landscape”. Speaking, he said that the time has come to embrace the available technology.

The world is full of talented students. Even in the current situation, there are many students who are hidden from the world due to poverty. They too have the potential to become like Newton and Ramanujan, but their talent fades away due to lack of opportunity. Anand Kumar said I the new online education platform initiative that I will be launching soon will be of great help in helping poor students excel.

Some students who left here changed their future. Education is responsible for a generational change. I am going to establish a new online education platform to further expand ‘Super 30’. This will take education to the doorstep of the poor. Eminent Mathematician Anand Kumar said that many talented students are not getting the attention of the world due to poverty, and for such people, a new online education platform is coming.

——– M Venkata T Reddy, News Editor, MP Jankranti News,

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