‘X’ No More Free, : ‘X’ (Twitter) is no longer free.. Basic subscription must be paid

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California, United States, October 19, Jankranti News, : — Maintaining an account on popular social media ‘X’ (Twitter) is no longer free!  ‘X’ made a key announcement on Tuesday that it is bringing basic subscription with 1 dollar per year.  The company said that this model with basic features is currently going to be implemented in New Zealand and the Philippines.  Company owner Elon Musk posted a message on X saying that the new subscription model has been introduced to curb fake accounts.
 The company explained that subscription charges vary by country.  According to the latest decision, users who open a new X account will have to pay one dollar per year.  This fee has to be paid for basic features like reposting, liking, bookmarking other people’s messages.  There is currently no fee required to open an account and read posts, view photos and videos.  The company clarified that the latest decision will not affect netizens who already have an account.
 —— M Venkata T Reddy, News Editor, MP Jankranti News,
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